Services during your stay

The term “Service” means complete security of your stay in Mauritius from arrival to the airport, through accommodation, arranging trips, or just providing assistance and advice, transfer to the airport on departure from the island. We do not plan to abandon the meaning of the word “Service” and we will prove it to you when you will make your dreams come true ...

Welcome at the airport

You will be welcomed by one of our experienced drivers, or by a Slovak- speaking delegate. After a warm welcome, you will receive concierge service and on your journey to your accommodation, you will receive available drinking water and a map with the Slovak Point logo to get to know the island.

Information meeting

The Slovak delegate will meet you at the selected hotel, advice you of what you can include in your package, introduce you to the hotel services, arrange all the necessary formalities so that you can enjoy a full relaxed holiday in the selected hotels...


We have comfortable cars, minibuses and buses at your disposal for your transfers from airport to your accommodation, day trips around the island or during your wedding formalities. Our experience and trained staff are ready to show you the curvature of the island and discuss the attractions of the island.

Full day excursions

Upon an information meeting in your hotel with our delegate, we will propose you all day trips around the island, trips to the ocean or under water activities. We offer a variety of exciting activities and excursions, through which you will be able to discover the island's secrets and learn about the traditions and culture of the indigenous population.


We have on offer a selection of hotels, suites and private accommodations for more demanding clients. All our forms of accommodation meet the demanding requirements of our clients and our Slovak delegate is at your full disposal during your stay on the island in any hotels, villas or apartments.


We will fully organise your wedding day in the selected hotels at the lowest possible rates and with the best possible service. The Slovak delegate is at your full disposal during consultation with your hotel wedding coordinator. He will help you to choose the location of the wedding ceremony, the selection of drinks, the selection of flowers, etc... Our delegate will accompany you to the capital city of Port Louis to arrange your wedding formalities. He/she will also be your wedding translator for the ceremony and make arrangements for this wonderful and extraordinary day to be remembered forever.


We will completely organise your golfing stay in Mauritius. We will help you to choose the best hotel, book for your “Tea time” during the day free of charge or with a discounted fee.